Hello, I’m Linda,
I love webdesign

I also like water, my dream is to grow fins
someday. Scientifically or whatnot.

Biography & Experience

I want to craft websites that makes the user experience a blast and the interface design linger on the boarder of crazy. Most of all, it should be fun for everyone involved.


01 / Education

Graduated and started a business —

I discovered my passion for crafting websites during breaks when studying commerce at Thorén Business School. I founded Haloweb (digital agency) and had a lot of fun building websites for the next three years.


02 / Upgrade

New digital agency —

Started working as a project manager at In The Cold. It was a great time and also where I got to work with clients like Michelin, UNICEF, TV4 and Finn Crisp.


03 / Next step

Freelancing —

Super excited to be freelancing again, definitely looking forward to experiment more and create awesome stuff!

About Me

I’m a freelancer based in… everywhere really! I grew up in the northern parts of Sweden, but because I’ve always been so intrigued by languages I decided to try and make a lifelong dream of mine come true (to travel around the world and learn them, which I agree is a rather large-scale dream). One step at a time right?

I’m available for work even during this ongoing journey – I have an undying love for the digital world and so I definitely don’t want to drop its languages anytime soon 🙂